ACEA | Anti Corruption Enforcement Agency

ACEA | Anti Corruption Enforcement Agency.Just had to post this web address as it’s the only one that is currently still showing the Robert Dziekanski tasering death at YVR.Lest we forget.As we become inundated with east asian immigrants,used to government control and thinking that the government never lies and that the police are our friend(though they’ll never call them).It’s more important than ever that those of us who remember a Canada that was protective of it’s citisens abroad and did peace keeping not nation building.That cared about the environment and put it above the almighty dollar and that cared whether or not it’s mp’s made racist comments or lied in the house.It’s important that the 60% of us that find Stephen Harper abhorrent and his use of the big lie disgusting keep pointing at things that just are not Canadian.Harper is hell bent on a series of social engineering projects that he feels will solidify his hold to power till the next decade.The RCMP becomes a bigger pariah with each incident of needless violence or in custody killing.Harassment of women members and the old boy network that will not go away.These are Harper’s cowboys and he uses them like his own personal political army.They do not complain.They,therefore,cannot be trusted.


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