It’s supposed to be that way

People claim to be shocked at the recent death of a disabled and homeless native man in the emergency room of a Winnipeg hospital after sitting unattended for 34 hours.The current government not only fails to see the homeless,they actively do everything they can to disenfranchise and kill them off.They can always find billions to send to disaster areas anywhere in the world but refuse to do anything for the thousands here in Canada.The scrapping of the Kelowna accord was one of the first things this government did once in office.Harper’s disdain for first nations people is no secret.How often has he had to muzzle or apologize for one of his back benchers rants putting down our first nations people.It’s no secret that a large number of our countries homeless are from first nations .This government has cut social housing or at the very least done nothing about it.Their attitude towards anyone with social problems has been to ask for stiffer laws and more prison time for anything to do with the poor and homeless.That this bunch would allow circumstances to exist in which such a needless death could occur is no surprise.Their opposition to Insite is just one example of how their policies lean towards extinction rather than treatment,which is a word they love to pay lip service to and nothing else.Canada is becoming a country in which you have to be upper class or better to live a decent lifestyle.For the majority,it’s a matter of hanging on by their finger nails and taking their own fear out on those with less than themselves.Americans are learning what the true costs of living beyond your means are.Harper is telling Canadians that we have nothing to fear.That may be true for Mr.Harper and his friends but for the disadvantaged what we have is a cold floor and a lonely death on an emergency room floor with no one to talk to but the janitor.We already have been betrayed and have seen our health system sluffed off onto the provinces,most of which have had to turn to a two tiered system with the private sector having the best care and the rest of us are stuck with long waiting lists and often death as the result.The conservatives don’t have to wait for their health care and they don’t care about those of us that do.They feel that if you want health care that’s fast and of good quality,you should be able to pay for it.They pay for it with our money.Next time you pass a homeless man in a wheel chair,take a second to think about his life.We are all no better than the way we treat the least of our citisens.If this is what you feel is fair and equal health care,then vote for Mr.Harper.I can guarantee that as long as he is in charge in Ottawa,this is the best we’ll get.


The meek have inherited the earth(and no-one thought it would be like this)

I had an epiphany the other day.Puzzling over the state of the world and taking responsibility for something for the first time in 67 years.It came as quite a shock.When I heard the preachers speak of this(title),I assumed that it meant  those who were the poor,the downtrodden and the peace lovers.How was anyone to know that it actually refers to neo liberalism and political correctness?The meek,you see,are the cowardly,informant loving anti everything crowd that doesn’t allow dissent on college campuses anymore.That sees bullying in every action that isn’t utter kindness.That calls every sex worker a victim of human trafficking and every homemaker a victim,whether she loves her life or not?That has every child,up to their teens,a prisoner in their own home.Children so fearful that the thought of being left alone,even for 5 minutes within a crowd of familiar adults,is too frightening to imagine.It’s not just the children.Adults today are unfathomable to me.We live in a society where we are fed a steady diet of fear and overblown threats to our existence.I ‘ve lost count of the programs that have been set up to encourage the average citizen to inform on their neigh hours.To be alert and report?No child,walks to school without a parent.If the parent has a car,no child walks anywhere.The meek,you see,must have had very miserable,hard lives back in their school days.Rather than look at it as character building coping mechanisms.They see it as a horrible experience that no-one else should ever have to endure.They want everyone to change so that they can feel better about themselves.Ten thousand years of evolution has to change in one generation because the meek want everyone to be just like them.They’ll campaign against every human behaviour that made or makes them uncomfortable.No need to teach their children coping skills.Pay someone else to do it for them.What can’t be solved with the almighty dollar?Then there’s the courts.When was the last time any court ruled for the individual?The sheeple are now kings of the earth.Sadly,the poor earth is so degraded it doesn’t even get a capital letter,anymore.The sun kills,the air is polluted and the earth is no longer a living thing.Water,the stuff of life,essential and necessary is made a commodity.I am not one who is a believer of any kind.I see what men do and I shudder.I don’t believe that the bible is the word of anyone but man.I do now believe that whoever those men were,they had vision.I didn’t think this was what they meant when they said it but the meek have indeed inherited the earth.I just never thought it would be such a bad thing.Then again,the end,biblically speaking,has never been pretty.

BC hydro threatens senior with disconnection after 300% increase in hydro bill after christmas

I have lived in the same,Marpole apartment for over 20 years.In that time,I have seen my hydro bill skyrocket.We began paying around 12.50 a month,always divided into 2 month billing periods.Lately,the bill has been around the 35 dollar a month price level but in December,our bill was over 75 dollars a month.When you are expecting a bill of under 70 dollars for the two months and you receive one for 150+ dollars.When you are a senior living on mincome on Canada pension,this comes as a shock.I assumed,as would any reasonable person,that there was a process to deal with rogue smart meters?It’s not like such such things are rare,by any means.I was given the run around and then my roommate,in who’s name the bill is under was given the same.What they told us had nothing to do with anything relevant.I sent a letter asking that the meter be recalibrated and what I got back was a demand letter for 112 dollars.I had already paid 75 dollars,5 dollars more than the regular bill should have been.That ,it seems wasn’t sufficient.Today i received a demand notice threatening to cut power if they weren’t paid immediately.Not that we could work something out.Not that they were looking into my complaint.Just pay up or you go dark.I won’t go into the run of river and site “C” blunders or the astronomical rate hikes hydro has demanded that the courts have had to intervene in.The current Lieberals in Victoria ran their election on corruption (that they were full of it)and how that corruption was getting big things done?The people of BC decided they’d rather slog through the mire and muck of the BC Lieberals corruption than trust the NDP.Not that the NDP were any worse than any other governments on the world stage at that time.As for scandals,there’s just nothing in the history of the NDP that touches the corruption under “Gordo” or under Crusty the Clown.What is happening to us is nothing in the over all scheme of things in BC and in Vancouver in particular.Living here is horribly expensive.Having a 300% increase in a hydro bill(admittedly it’s closer to 200%,I was factoring in that the bill had been at 56 dollars for over a decade)is something that a person on a fixed income is totally unable to plan for.Being threatened with a discontinuation of service if that wasn’t paid within 10 days is troubling.This is the kind of behaviour I’d expect from the mafia.This is pure thug behaviour.Threatening a senior,with multiple medical conditions and living on a fixed income is beyond the pale.This is the kind of thug behaviour we see in places like Detroit and Flint,Michigan.Vital services being stripped from vulnerable people with no recourse.I have long been active in my opposition to the BC government in all it’s many guises.This bill,however isn’t even in my name.This is just standard,hydro policy.They treat everyone with complete disdain.I tried to call on the phone and was put on an “at least 20 minutes”waiting list and told to hold.The last time I was on hold for over 40 and then they simply refused to deal with me as my name isn’t on the bill.My roommate is on disability and isn’t the person to complain about anything.Her income is even less than mine.This is almost certainly a case of an out of synch smart meter.Stories of them abound.Just don’t try to tell that to Hydro.These meters were backed by a very high up BC Lieberal insider,like everything purchased by this crooked government.They are a disaster and they may even be a health concern?What they certainly are is a flawed piece of machinery that is prone to malfunctions and are being run by a crown corporation who refuses to acknowledge any of this.They were installed under protest by half the Province.When something comes from a Lieberal insider who has already been paid a huge fee.You can bet there will be a battle every time something goes wrong.I am just one of a large number of BC citisens who’s so called smart meter is out of order.Having anything done about it is almost if not totally impossible.I have enough problems without this one.A company that is supposed to be a part of my Province’s legacy is stealing from a senior on mincome.It has been so badly mismanaged by this government that our rates are already hundreds of percentage points over what they could have been had we not bought into that idiotic ROR nonsense.Now they want to build a site “C” and generate even more excess power that they’ll end up selling at a loss,like the ROR forced us to pay for ourselves.It’s hard enough being shook down by your government.Even harder when you just don’t have that kind of money.Knowing that corruption,graft,insider pay offs and back room collusion are causing much of this added cost makes it unbearable.


Pain,medicine and misunderstanding.

Pain,medicine and misunderstanding.

I just returned from the home of a long time friend who is,like myself,a victim of the current drug war ideology that permeates BC’s health care elites.Unlik myself,she isn’t someone with a history of opiate abuse.To the contrary,she is simply an unwitting victim of our health care systems ingrained opposition to the use of opiate drugs for the management of chronic pain.Unfortunately,I have a long history of heroin use and trafficking,going back to the 60’s.I actually started using with my wifes methadone,which she left in the fridge when she’d take off for days,weeks or a month.It was just to pass the time,as I was with our daughter,who was a pleasure,always.As a child,she also slept quite a lot.I digress,what I wanted to say was that this friend was in tears,once again,because her doctor was once again threatening to take her off of her morphine.Not because she was in less pain.To the contrary,she is much worse.He just thought she had been on it too long.This usually means that the college,in their ignorance and total lack of wisdom,doesn’t like long term morphine maintenance of any kind.She is getting a fifth of what I was getting per day when I was on morphine but it’s still too much.She needs hip and two knee replacements.Her pain is debilitating,but her doseage is very reasonable and s he has refrained from asking for more out of fear.Her pain isn’t being well controlled but she dare not ask for more,lest she be cut off altogether?She asked me,with tears in her eyes,why the BC medical people were so evil.Why they treated pain patients like criminals and made them justify every prescription on every visit and were constantly warning of withdrawal?This is a woman who is in constant chronic pain and is in need of surgery,for which she has no date.I told her I had been asking that same question for four decades and have never been given any kind of valid medical reason.There is no valid medical reason.These are the last of the prohibitionist true believers.They have it somewhere in their tiny brains that they are preventing the downfall of society.What they are doing is preventing the proper treatment of chronic pain in this Province.How to explain this in a Province with the only heroin maintenance program in NA?120 people won the lottery.They admit this themselves.The rest of us who have decades of ruined lives due to prohibition are the unlucky losers.Those of us who are unlucky enough to have a chronic pain issue are the worse off of all.They took away the one drug that was at least some kind of a mediator.They replaced it with another which they use high sounding and oh so moral reasons for changing to.This drug is nowhere near as effective as methadone and is causing problems in the majority of users.For those who have never been heroin users and are also in chronic pain,they get treated no better.In fact it’s because of the treatment she has seen through me,by the methadose clinic that she would never consider going to a methadose clinic.

Cloud HQ/data storage for business and for the home

I have recently signed on to Cloud HQ.As a long time(2007)user of a mac computer,I was searching for someplace to organize and store all the photos,documents,videos etc that I have collected in the last 8 years.I have never been very competent at using a computer and am pretty much restricted to doing whatever with as few moves as possible.From what I see so far,CloudHQ fits the bill for someone like me.I have managed to synch much of my data with ease and find the ease of operation a blessing.I’m unable to get into the kind of detail you’ll probably be able to find on many IT sites already.I can just attest to the simple fact that if,like me,you need to clear some space on your drive.You can easily put that on Cloud HQ as a backup.

Methadose,the new(2014)big pharma substitute that is causing major upheaval in the addict community

I have been on methadone in one form or another ever since 1970.I first joined at the clinic on Broadway and Cyprus and was put on 120 mgms a day,daily pickup.It was all I could do to make it to the street before I would vomit up a large part of it.Probably saved my life.I never got on well on methadone.I hate the way the drug makes me feel and I can’t stand the taste.I have never lasted at the same clinic for more than a few years.Now we move forward to 2013 and I am now on methadone for pain,after the colusion between my pain doctor and my methadone doctor and the college.I had been on opiates but was never allowed to leave the methadone program and I now realise that I should have walked out at 70 mgms,the level I was told I would not be taken down from “for awhile”.I had been informed about this new form of the drug called methadose,which was supposed to be methadone hydrochloride at 10 mgms permil.I was conned into trying it.Said I hated it and it caused me severe headaches.I was then told that I was to be given a clear form of the drug that was injectible.I soon found it was not only non injectable,it was cut with what I can only assume was naloxone,as injection caused no feeling at all.It also is cut with an inflamatory agent that also destroys the vein into which it is injected.So much for do no harm.These things were added and not even the doctors were told.I assume.The pain caused was considerable and I lost the only vein I had into which I could both inject drugs and withdraw blood samples.So we have a drug being used for treating not only addiction but chronic pain.That drug contains at least two medical ingredients which the makers refuse to name or to even acknowledge?Is it legal to supply a substance and keep from the providers what is actually in it?As an addict,I have been badly treated by the BC medical system to the point that my health is seriously compromised.I have border line kidney function and haven’t been able to have blood drawn for 18 months.I have jumped through many hoops to try to fix this and have had every request denied.Methadose,with the antagonist that is certainly in there,is a far reduced drug from it’s former counterpart.What damage the other ingredients cause is unknown and impossible,under our current system,to define.It causes side effects in over 50% of users and it causes me headaches and I have seizures about once a month.I have never experienced these before.My doctor is aware of this but his efforts to do anything about it have been blocked?I contend that methadose is a bad drug.I believe it was rushed onto the market in an attempt to grab a monopoly on this drug.It is evidently available world wide?I believe this drug is compromising my health.I write this so that if any harm comes to me in the near future that I want an autopsy done to see exactly what this drug has done.Having chronic pain isn’t fun.Having it and not being allowed to choose the drug best suited for your purposes is a crime against humanity.I think methadose is being compromised by the inclusion of an antagonist with the idea that it wouldn’t be effective unless injected?This is just plain stupid and anyone who understands drugs will confirm this.As for whatever they added to swell us up and cause a rash and pain and inflamation I don’t know but it’s in there as well.

UNODC chief says Afghan opium trade continues to grow – News – Stripes

UNODC chief says Afghan opium trade continues to grow – News – Stripes.

Last week,in the city of Vancouver,BC,Canada.I was able to buy .08 of a gram of pure afghan heroin for the sum of 20 dollars.Even though I am on 200+mgms of methadone,i was able to feel the potency of the drug.I t was the first time in over five years that I was both pain free and felt good.I have been depressed and unhappy ever since.I have been told that my kidneys are almost done.Noone will concede that methadone is bad for the kidneys and the liver.In fact they will admit nothing of the sort.I am being prescribed 210mgms daily.The international safe level for methadone is set at 120 mgms daily.Everyone I have known that was on high doses of the drug didn’t last very long.While heroin is known to be benign to all the internal organs,it’s chemical replacements are not.Methadone destroys liver tissue.I am sure it also destroys kidneys.I am quite sure that if I do not get off of the methadone very soon it is going to kill me.All methadone doctors in BC have to take an indoctrination course in which they are told some” truths”.This creates an adversarial relationship right from jump street.I have seen these doctors give conflicting information to different patients on the same day.Depends on what kind of manipulation they are using.They give out information such as that you can participate in 12 step programs while on methadone.This is an outright lie.They tell you that once your dosage is set that you are normal and can do anything a normal person can do.While I have worked at casual labour jobs while on methadone I wouldn’t want my physician on methadone before he opens me up.It’s obvious that there is going to be good quality heroin around for some time.We have a heroin program in Vancouver right now.I have been on methadone a dozen times or more and failed every time.Now I am in chronic pain and am being told to take methadone,which was never a pain medication and should never have been used as one.It’s all wrong and does very little to manage real pain.specially if you have a long history with the drug.Now it’s killing me and I know i will receive no help from anyone that I’ve met to this point in the BC health care system.If there is anyone in the blogsphere who knows any other province that has a more enlightened approach I would appreciate the knowledge.I know that even though BC has the only heroin program in NA it is also the most draconian place to try to get proper pain management if you have any drug history.While one part of the medical system knows that heroin is an alternative.A very dug in group has the methadone system in their grip and once they have you they never let you go.Even if it’s the worst possible thing for you.

Reopen Riverview to ease mental health conflicts | Vancouver 24 hrs

Reopen Riverview to ease mental health conflicts | Vancouver 24 hrs.       They never quit.The police state and ex police officers who think the way to deal with addiction is to lock people up and leave them to rot.This double diagnosis thing scares me to death.Not because I think there are not people who are better off in a institutional setting.We can see there certainly are.The thing about this is that it is an obvious attempt at making  addiction itself a crime with the use of the mental health act.The police state has tried to pull this off on many occasions.Most were back in the 70’s and 80’s when the police were telling anyone who’d listen that heroin addiction was a plague on humanity and something had to be done.I attended several such meetings with friends and as soon as the people behind the plan saw we were there they shut the meeting down and left.They knew they had no validity behind what they were trying to do and had been subjected to our exposure of that fact before.Headlines such as 30,000 addicts in lower mainland were the rule of the day.The recent death of a Hollywood star and a 15 year old were tragic to be sure but nothing new.The governments back in the 70’s and 80’s were still in the dark ages of prohibition.People were still getting double digit sentences for small trafficking charges.Mere possession could get you a couple of years.I got two for my first sentence for simple possession.It’s not that the powers that be haven’t tried the harsh approach.People who weren’t around back then can be forgiven for thinking we are too easy on addicts.The truth is that the current judges were lawyers in the bad old days and saw that putting a person in prison for years for a drug charge did nothing but take that person off the street for a few years.Every time you get out you have more connections and know more addicts.The simple fact that I have been out for decades has stripped me of both.Of course I was active until I was struck down by a bone eating virus and that’s what stopped my activity.Most hard core addicts will die addicted.That’s not to say that most addicts will die addicted.Some do drugs for fun and others out of necessity.Some have lives to get back to or dreams they still hold and others are just doing what they have to to survive.I,personally,would rather die than be put through a forced treatment that would never take because I don’t do opiate drugs for kicks.I do them for basic survival.Reading this article brought back all the old fears that the police state would declare addiction a crime and force all addicts into compounds like river view.Who’s to say who is addicted because of a mental health issue and who is addicted because they like it?As soon as you start to put people under lock and key because of their drug problems.You will not see those that want treatment looking for it for fear of being locked up indefinitely.Addicts are already stigmatized enough.The vast majority of heroin users are part timers and the rest are just targets.They are branded as chronic offenders and harassed and imprisoned for the way they get their cash.Then there are the vast army of binners.People living on the edge of society,trying to stay out of jail and do their drug of choice without breaking the law.They are certainly prone to do illegal acts but are usually just scavenging scrap.Something that often leads to trespass charges or minor theft issues.These people could be cared for with the minimum of cost to the public and savings to the criminal justice system.Just change the safe injection site to a heroin maintenance program and the so called chronic offenders that take up so much of the police time,the courts and jails will be no more problem.Even a person like myself,who has been an addict for 45 years and is now a chronic pain sufferer is forced on Government methadone which I can’t stand and which is a very poor pain medication.I was once on opiate drugs but was stripped of all such assistance by a government methadone doctor with an agenda.That agenda had nothing to do with my health.It had everything to do with the indoctrination the College puts it’s methadone doctors through.Methadone is a chemical concoction,first invented as a cure for heroin addiction.It turned out to be worse that the disease but because it didn’t require a needle it was approved by many governments.It may have had a place in another time but we know enough now to know that it is far worse than prescription heroin for the user.It destroys the liver.So what this former police officer is asking for is forced confinement for addicts until and only if they are cured will they be released.So the hard core addict will have to play the old game.Pretend to be cured so you can get out and get back to it.Nobody likes to see obviously ill people living like animals on the street to get their fix.Even worse is the sight of mentally ill persons being hauled to jail because they are disoriented and out of control.Something must be done.The closing of horrors like riverview were done for all the right reasons.The fact that the on street care that was proposed,never happened, is a travesty.It was a cheap cop out by a negligent government that was more interested in bridges,hiways and hotels accommodations for conventions than the mentally ill.Trying to slide an addiction impound component into the current mental health problem is just another police state ,back door, slide around that will not stand.That this particular police officer is taking this stance on an issue that I was foolish enough to think we were in agreement on is no real surprise.I see the need for a place for mentally incompetent people.I will never agree to any such proposal that tries to make addiction something punishable by imprisonment for the duration.I am well aware that such people are out there and they always have been.There are still people in politics that were there when this was tried the last time.The fact that it has no basis in scientific study or behavioural study makes no difference to the Stephen Harper’s and the Leo Knights of this world.Luckily,they are dinosaurs,near extinct.They see everything in one light.They think might is right and only force is respected.They will never see addicts as people with serious problems that they deal with the best they can.The current prohibition of drugs even has some drug users looking down on other drug users.Everybody seems to need someone to hate.Addicts seem to be on the very bottom of everyones totem.We are just people.People with some serious issues and some major problems but we get by on very little and need even less.We are not worth all the major money that is wasted trying to convince us of what we already know.Sure we’re sick.