Harper on holiday

excuse the lack of caps but my computer is acting up.stephen harper,our ignoble prime minister has decided that the heat on his pet defense minister peter mackay was at such a temperature that the poor lad just might perish in the heat of his obvious lies and misstatements.that mackay knew all about the situation is beyond any doubt.mackay,however is not of the same ilk.I have been following the Afghan war since we took positions in Helmand province and the bodies began being driven down what is now being called the highway of heroes.If you can call brainwashed young people who,like we all did,think that they are bullet proof then i guess you could call it the road of the disillusioned,but too late.Politicians have been sending the young and foolish,usually poor and poorly educated and often looking for just that education to give them a foot up.My family history is filled with such young men who did their duty and came back and most never said word one about the fact that they wished they had stayed home and delivered the mail or the newspaper.These politicians make speeches and talk of how proud they are and how much they feel for the families.bullshit.I call bullshit mr Harper and you know as well as i that you lose not one moment of sleep over even one of our nearly 400 dead.Mackay,he couldn’t care less about anything but the job he holds so dear.These men are charlatans and pious liars of the first magnitude.That young men are willing to die generation after generation is due to the education system that aids in the crime and mainly in the press and media that sells these conflicts as some kind of necessity to the preservation of our society.There is also the family history.I am asking every young person that has gone to war to tell your families the truth about combat and how much good you did in whatever conflict you were in.And if you are unlucky enough to have a parent that thought the experience was a kick,i can tell you of two men who left at 15 and 16 to fight the hun and one came back with his lungs on life support at 17 and the other picked shrapnel out of his body for the rest of his short life as he died at 32 from complications of god knows how many concussions.Want another,these are just my family,he stayed in his room and couldn’t stand people or any noise above a soft whisper until he was 39 and then married and died a few years later.I guess at least he tried to have a life.Afghanistan is a country where we are unwelcome with the possible exception of the karzai liars and thieves who need us to support their heroin trafficking and pilfering of monies sent over for projects to help the people.No one in the country side sees any of that money unless it’s 100 million to build a small cinderblock school house that either NATO or the Taliban will come one night and kill all the students.Stories of both have recently made it out of the area although only the Taliban was reported with any vigor.Wars are fought for some kind of corporate interest.Afghanistan is a support base for the caspian pipeline which is said to be of more importance to the US than Iraqi oil.Behind all of the bull about terrorism and al q’aida there is always an ulterior motive that is of corporate interest.Always.Don’t give a man who represents these interests and could care less if you live or die your life for any reason.If this country is ever threatened by all means do your duty.Until that day for whatever you believe in’s sake,tell them no.they will sell your life cheaper than a wal mart facecloth.A rag that won’t plug up the smallest hole from an AK.


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