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BC agency favours legalisation of cannabis

BC agency favours legalisation of cannabis

Under the heading:”B.C. health officials endorse cannabis legalization report”.The 24 hrs news agency says that health officials,academics and justice experts are backing the legalization of marijuana.The article quotes angus reid as polling that 77% of British Columbians favor reform58% don’t believe cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol.The article says that the BC cannabis industry brings in 7B dollars a year to the economy.260M has been spent since 2007 on the national anti drug strategy.The article goes on to say that the federal government is the lone barrier to cannabis reform and that in spite of their rabid anti drug policies and tough on crime attitude the drug is more popular than ever.It’s use doubled in Ontario in the decade from 1999-2009 from 10-20% amongst high school age people.BC’s gang related homicides went from 25 in 1997 to 43 in 2009.Drug prohibition has been a spectacular failure in every way possible and has cost us billions in wasted time,effort,lives and deaths.