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B.C. Government uses the homeless to hide favors to their friends

In a move that can only be described as brilliant as it is evil.The Liberals have once again announced they’ve bought hotels in the DTES in order to “preserve” SRO’s in the area.This time they did it through a single developer that managed to acquire all six buildings for very low prices and then sell them to our government for in one case, three times it’s estimated value.All of the hotels that the government has purchased have been bought with tax dollars for well above their evaluation of worth.Most are in disrepair and the money to fix them up would have been covered if there hadn’t been these speculation buying sprees just before their purchase.Even if a reasonable profit had been asked the costsphoto-4-copy.jpg would have been covered.Paying value x3 makes one wonder just who thought this was a good deal for the taxpayers?Hiding this kind of boiler room deal behind the homeless issue is disgusting.Rewarding the “friends of Gordon” is SOP for this government and has been from day 1.