Journalistic shift to the right

An article was posted in the Province newspaper in which columnist John Martin claimed that it was a bunch of left wing politicians that were preventing the posting of former police officers to the national parole board.As I had some experience in this area I informed him that it was my experience that this was inaccurate.I had made several appearances before said board and there was always a police officer on the board I appeared in front of.Martin fired back that there were only two such members and that I was basically an idiot.I replied that I was only telling him what my experience had been.Martin went nuts,called me a punk and a thug and told me never to contact him ever again.This man is a professor at the U of F.V. and a teacher of our young people.I will admit to pulling Mr.Martin’s leg a time or two because of his obvious bad temper.I never expected him to turn a conversation into a vendetta.If this is the kind of man that is writing in our newspaper,it’s small wonder that the rag has shifted so radically to the right.It would be impossible for a man with Martin’s temperament to write a logical and well thought out peice.His temper is obviously hair trigger and he discounts anything that doesn’t fit into his very narrow view of the world.I feel sorry for anyone that learns any life lessons from criminology professor John Martin.


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