Metro – Heroin beats methadone in treatment, study finds

Metro – Heroin beats methadone in treatment, study finds.This is the long awaited NAOMI study that the Harper Tories don’t want you to know about.It is backed up by data from the many heroin maintenance programs available in Europe and the data collected in England in the mid sixties.The Federal Liberals did a study of Dilaudid in the mid sixties and even this poor cousin of heroin was successful in changing the lives,for the better,of a dozen hand picked hard core addicts who were chosen for the high likelihood that they would fail.None did.All kept steady employment and were crime free.In the end they were given an apology and were told that the results were to be buried and that the study was over.This is how the government deals with addicts.This is why the only things the public ever hears are the horror stories.They don’t want it to get out that this drug can be used without any detrimental health effects and that if given access to their drug of choice.Most addicts can lead a fairly normal life.


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