Why is heroin b…

Why is heroin better than sex?Have you ever had the experience of flying?When you were very young?It comes to a time when you just can’t get off the ground anymore.No more feeling of safety and security,warmth and freedom.I had this thing where some unknown enemy in the city below shot me in the stomach with a long spring and down I went.Any way,Maybe you never experienced this.I also relived my birth a few times.That was a total nightmare.My dad’s mom seemed to know what it was.Either that,or she knew what a fucked up life I had.I was just a little guy.So why do I bring this up?Heroin.That brings back that floating safe warm secure feeling you had in the womb.This is a personal opinion from a guy with a 43 year never ending love affair with opiate drugs.I have known people who shoot heroin and move on to meth and say it’s better.Bullsjit.It’s cheaper,that’s it.I was a heroin/cocaine addict for 12 years,till I got busted for the umpteenth time and just didn’t want the jail experience again.I was doing the coke because the heroin was shit.It’s so bad now that people downtown are using morphine,which is a very poor second or Dilaudid which is heroin lite.If I wasn’t banned from travel down south I would be running to Seattle for tar.Too old for that shit.If you were a flyer when you were young,do not do opiate drugs.If you do.You will be stuck in the wheel.If not,you can probably get away with three on three off.This has been a commercial for opiates united.It’s better than sex.No shit.


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