The meek have inherited the earth(and no-one thought it would be like this)

I had an epiphany the other day.Puzzling over the state of the world and taking responsibility for something for the first time in 67 years.It came as quite a shock.When I heard the preachers speak of this(title),I assumed that it meant  those who were the poor,the downtrodden and the peace lovers.How was anyone to know that it actually refers to neo liberalism and political correctness?The meek,you see,are the cowardly,informant loving anti everything crowd that doesn’t allow dissent on college campuses anymore.That sees bullying in every action that isn’t utter kindness.That calls every sex worker a victim of human trafficking and every homemaker a victim,whether she loves her life or not?That has every child,up to their teens,a prisoner in their own home.Children so fearful that the thought of being left alone,even for 5 minutes within a crowd of familiar adults,is too frightening to imagine.It’s not just the children.Adults today are unfathomable to me.We live in a society where we are fed a steady diet of fear and overblown threats to our existence.I ‘ve lost count of the programs that have been set up to encourage the average citizen to inform on their neigh hours.To be alert and report?No child,walks to school without a parent.If the parent has a car,no child walks anywhere.The meek,you see,must have had very miserable,hard lives back in their school days.Rather than look at it as character building coping mechanisms.They see it as a horrible experience that no-one else should ever have to endure.They want everyone to change so that they can feel better about themselves.Ten thousand years of evolution has to change in one generation because the meek want everyone to be just like them.They’ll campaign against every human behaviour that made or makes them uncomfortable.No need to teach their children coping skills.Pay someone else to do it for them.What can’t be solved with the almighty dollar?Then there’s the courts.When was the last time any court ruled for the individual?The sheeple are now kings of the earth.Sadly,the poor earth is so degraded it doesn’t even get a capital letter,anymore.The sun kills,the air is polluted and the earth is no longer a living thing.Water,the stuff of life,essential and necessary is made a commodity.I am not one who is a believer of any kind.I see what men do and I shudder.I don’t believe that the bible is the word of anyone but man.I do now believe that whoever those men were,they had vision.I didn’t think this was what they meant when they said it but the meek have indeed inherited the earth.I just never thought it would be such a bad thing.Then again,the end,biblically speaking,has never been pretty.


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