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Nevada Primrary

It’s my understanding that Barack Obama won 13 candidates and Hilary Clinton 12.The wire services are claiming hilary Clinton was the big winner?I failed math in high school,to my great shame,but that doesn’t add up to me.Can any one enlighten me as to how the math on this is done?


Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.comThe Province of British Columbia thinks it can privatise the whole public sector and they’ve made a good start.Now they’re selling our childrens legacy in the form of “run of the river”power projects.There is currently an application open to alter the boundries of a provincial park to run power lines through one of the parks most sensitive areas.I’m asking any one with a conscience to send e-mail to:……   or……………………………..if you prefer snail mail:B.C. parks,PO box9389STN PROV GOVT,VICTORIAB.C.,V8W9M9  or by fax:250387-5757 Attention Pinecone Burke Park…..I have my doubts they’ll listen but the more people complain,the more votes they see going south.