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Welcome to WordPress.comThe Province of British Columbia thinks it can privatise the whole public sector and they’ve made a good start.Now they’re selling our childrens legacy in the form of “run of the river”power projects.There is currently an application open to alter the boundries of a provincial park to run power lines through one of the parks most sensitive areas.I’m asking any one with a conscience to send e-mail to:…….PineconeBurke@gov.bc.ca   or  Comments@northwestcascadepower.com……………………………..if you prefer snail mail:B.C. parks,PO box9389STN PROV GOVT,VICTORIAB.C.,V8W9M9  or by fax:250387-5757 Attention Pinecone Burke Park…..I have my doubts they’ll listen but the more people complain,the more votes they see going south.


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  1. I’m confused now.My last entry is gone and I’ve been asked to blog.I guess that’s what I’ll do.I have spent a good part of my life in prison for nothing but drug charges.I played and I payed.Nuff said.Recent articles in the media have taken the unconscienable position that visitors to institutions should be strip searched and especially the children.This from a guard that’s claiming the high ground because he reported the results of a very sensitive ion scanner that showed traces of drugs.Now this visitor is having her family life picked apart and all kinds of unfounded allegations are flying around.If this guy is so concerned.Why is he asking for these same children to be further traumatized by strip searches?I spent enough prison time to know that saleable quantities of drugs do not enter through visitors.They are brought in other ways.Often by guards that need a quick buck and do not want their gravy train shut down.

  2. This is to thank any and everyone that opposed the power scam at the upper Pitt River.The project has been officially declared dead and I am going to resist the temptation to comment on the way the announcement was read.Enough that the people were heard and the people that attempted to perpetrate this fraud on the people of B.C. are out their million dollars.I hope that money is used to do reconstruction work on the Pitt.I don’t pretend to know what the answer is to our power needs but I think we should be looking more to conservation than to more dams of any kind.There is no need to light buildings at night for an example.Just start turning things off.We just lost a labrador size chunk of the south pole.We must change.

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