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Anything but the Tories

If I have to sit through one more scene of Stephen Harper doing whatever he happens to be doing to pander to a section of the voting public I’ll lose my lunch.Why no mention of Afghanistan Mr.Harper?Slipped you’re mind I suppose.You want us to trust you with the economy?You’ve taken a pretty solid surplus and flushed it down the toilet while slashing any and all women’s programs ,child care spaces and any help for social housing.Nice job.Tough on crime?Oh yes,I can see the difference every time I walk downtown.That and you intend to slash whatever help we try to give people in trouble because it’s far more politically savvy to just toss everyone in prison.You seemed to be able to find billions for our armed forces which will never be more than a damned good peace keeping force.No one is afraid of the Canadian armed forces no matter how many billions you spend.Then there’s marijuana.While the whole world is beginning to realise what a stupid thing marijuana prohibition has been,you toughen up the laws.Just keep pushing your religion down everyones throat.You could try to muzzle your backbenchers a little more.Every time one opens their racist mouth it’s back to damage control.It’s small wonder you won’t let anyone else say a word,especially at election time.Gotta keep those reform party white boys quiet.I thought the Liberals were disgusting with the graft and all but at least they had an economy they could pick from.You give it all to the military and then send them to a hell hole to be picked apart by a band of farmers.Young people are always willing to lay down their lives for their country.They trust their leaders won’t sell their lives as cheaply as you’ve sold ours.