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Ottawa sued over ‘failure’ to provide needle-exchange programs in prisons | CTV News

Ottawa sued over ‘failure’ to provide needle-exchange programs in prisons | CTV News.You just have to give it to the Harper conservatives when it comes to wasting tax dollars on court cases to try and shore up their ideological drug policy.Evidence be damned,this group of evangelical zealots has consistently spent millions in tax dollars to fight common sense policies that are aimed at saving not only lives but health as well.The cost of infection by AIDS or HEPC and the other blood borne diseases should be plenty enough to allow even this hard line group to see the cost effective light.Not so.Vic Toews proudly cites his zero tolerance policy that is both foolish and unobtainable.I have spent many(12)years in prisons and have always had access to drugs.It kept me sane.It’s what all addicts and most inmates work toward every day in prison.The only way to stop drugs in prison is to dry up the country.That will never happen.Neither will drug free prisons.It makes for a very dishonest and much repeated sound bite.Nothing more.It will cost taxpayers a fortune and will end as it has to,with health taking precedent over ideology.It’s long overdue and I wish them all the best as I know how many lives this can save.Just say no was never a policy.It was a sound bite and a fraud.It always will be.



http://yfrog.com/page/addthis?server=576&filename=r3lms.jpg&yfrog_url=http://yfrog.com/g0r3lmsj&is_photo=true&screen_name=rodmickleburgh.This woman dared to protest against Stephen Harper.She was,luckily,off the bike at the time.Not just content to muzzle climate scientists and environmentalists,use closure on all debate and legislate an end to all strikes since gaining his majority.Harper will not contenance any protest of any kind in his presence.He has changed the letterhead on government documents from the Canadian to the Harper government and has returned the Royal designation to our armed forces.The man is a megalomaniac and a racist as are many of his cabinet.He is an evangelical christian and a zionist.His utter disdain for political protocol verges on the dictatorial.He managed to go from a minority to a majority government with a .001% increase in the popular vote.He has been changing the rules with reckless abandon ever since.He can probably now hold his majority without gaining a single vote.He represents 39% of 55% of eligible voters.About 21% of Canadian voters.He stands alone in opposing any harm reduction measures,let alone drug reform.His opposition to cannabis legalization flies in the face of both the evidence and the general public.There is something fundamentally wrong with our system when such a small minority of public opinion can rule like a dictator with nothing that can oppose him.The gap between rich and poor will widen to new and terrible heights under this government.The environment will be degraded and the grip of corporations is guaranteed to be solidified.Like the Mulroney years before,Harper will leave a legacy of wanton corruption that will take decades to repair.

Thugs on and off the ice

The night began with Don Cherry chiding the Canucks as cowards who wouldn’t fight over a warmup shot by Tim Thomas who was a smug asshole throughout.The play on the ice was full of the usual hacking slashing tripping tackling throwing down of the Sedins every time they stepped on the ice.Then after this slugfest ended and the biggest thugs in the league took the cup and left the few thugs who consider themselves bomb throwers took over and trashed our city for their own            amusement.Make no mistake,the police chief called these goons criminals.I have been a criminal and these guys were punks,not criminals.Crime has a purpose.It may be a sick and depraved purpose but it has a purpose.What we saw last night was a few good men beat down by a mob of drunken louts with nothing but destruction in their hearts.To the few who tried to stop the stupidity before it could start,thank you.To the rest of you,go to the US.They love thug behaviour down there.You can even carry a concealed weapon.Don’t look back.Theres a real war in Mexico.Beheadings,executions,show us what you’re really made of.See ya!To Stephen Harper.This is what kind of society you get when you spread fear and dissension like fertilizer.Your negativity was in the air as it is where ever you go.You can’t fight a dirty election,act like a demagogue and then try to be Joe 6 pack at a hockey game.Your cynical attempt at gleaning some benefit from a Canadian hockey team was transparent and a curse on every Canadian hockey team as long as you stay in politics.Go home and please don’t ever come back to our arena.We never said you could use government security and transport for you and your families amusement.You disgust me more than the thugs.

How a Harper majority would spell the end of our country

Canada has long been a very different country from the United States and we have always been grateful for that.That was before the election of a minority Conservative government and the total destruction of the Liberal party,the one time bulwark of middle of the road politics and the holding together of the country.Now we have Harper,with his separation politics,not separatist but separate,divide and conquer.Put every part of Canadian culture against the other.The politics of hatred as practiced by our friends to the south.No coincidence as Harper brought his political mind trust from the United States and has often said he wishes we could be a part of the United States.While he attacks Michael Ignatieff for having the nerve to travel and learn about the world and our chief competitor.Harper,who never left Canada before becoming PM,felt that he could deal with the world he knew nothing about that he hadn’t gleaned from the pages of a book,has us mired in an unwinnable war in Afghanistan that his government has lied about and been caught lying about.Unfortunately,Harper has been caught lying about so many things no one seems to notice any more.If Stephen Harper is ever given a majority in this country it will soon become unrecognisable from our neighbors from the south.It will be the end of our health care system as we know it,in spite of the very weak rebuttal form John Baird,the man who defended Harpers climate policies for years and who was the most hated man at more than one climate conference.Why are we ordering the f 34 attack stealth bomber,an offensive weapon?Who is Harper planning to attack?It must be someone because even Obama has no idea what the cost of the f 34 is going to be.If we are to be spending unlimited ammounts of cash on an attack bomber Harper must have someone in mind he wants to drop bombs on in an offensive war.After all,that’s the reason the f 34 exists.He has forced the people that have come in on the ships into the west coast to py off their smugglers and yet howls that it’s Ignatieff who’s weak on border security.No one is allowed to be weak on border security and the concessions that Harper has Made to the Americans are beyond anything that’s necessary for the security of anyone.Forcing us to concede flights within Canada to submit lists of 22 questions on people on board a Canadian flight.People with a criminal record are being forced to get permission to fly in their own country.This is the kind of thing that Harper finds alright because there are people he considers to be citisens and then there’s the rest of us.You won’t know where you stand till you try to fly somewhere.Terrible environmental policy,concessions to the USA that make no sense and that can in no way threaten them,stripping away of financing for political parties that will hurt every party except Harpers conservatives,Speeding up of oil sands development at a time when the knowledge to get this oil is in it’s infancy and when most of the oil produced has to go to the United States and when increases cannot be cut back,ever thanks to the NAFTA signed by the last conservative government.The only government in Canadian history ever to be sanctioned for lying to parliament.This is the conservatives who are running another dirty campaign filled with lies and innuendo.Before you vote for a conservative candidate,find out where they are coming from and what they believe.Look up the neocons and Leo Strauss and ask yourself if this is the kind of dirty tricks,lies,misinformation and framing that you want in your government.You will not have to read very far to see every dirty move that Harper has used to win two minority governments.I just find it shocking that Canadians seem willing to overlook the total lack of values and morals that these supposed evangelicals use to get their way.Please,look into these people.They are racists,they are haters and they have no moral fibre.

Harper shows us what’s important to him

The CTV network managed to lose the oppositions tape but somehow managed to find not only a tape but time to play it for Mr.Harper.Harper spent his time doing what he does best.Being divisive and trying to widen already existing splits in the country.He seized on the separatist issue almost exclusively which was no surprise because he already showed his total lack of any stimulus plan or any ability to work with the opposition parties.He,in fact,tried to remove their funding and destroy their ability to perform.By harping on the separatist issue Harper once again showed a total lack of any understanding of how to get people to work together.He completely misses the fact that he represents 38% of 52% of the population.He tried to use that tiny minority as if he had a full mandate and the power to run roughshod over parliament.The fact is the opposition coallition represents almost double the population that Harper managed to fool at the polls.I,for one,am anxious to see if the opposition/government coallition can last and put the country back on a path of humane and people driven policy.Perhaps we can actually become a leader in environmental policy and get back to a science based approach to government policy.Maybe there can be a re enstatement of the Kelowna accord and begin treating our native peoples with some dignity.Harper has been a disaster for all but the very top rung of our society.He places his own moralistic view ahead of reason and research and in fact has muzzled government scientists on everything from the climate to Insite.Now with the economy in need of some real stimulus he wants to porogue parliament and delay further any action on that very critical front.This proves that when it comes to all this concern for the country,Harper is just blowing smoke in an attempt to hold onto what really matters to him.Beating the other guy.Harper has bullied his way out of office by doing the impossible.Harper has united the progressive elements of government by being the stubborn bully he just can’t help being.Goodbye Mr.Harper.It’s been a nightmare watching you destroy our country.Get together with your friend Brian Mulroney.He’ll show you how to con the country out of millions.He has the experience.

Anything but the Tories

If I have to sit through one more scene of Stephen Harper doing whatever he happens to be doing to pander to a section of the voting public I’ll lose my lunch.Why no mention of Afghanistan Mr.Harper?Slipped you’re mind I suppose.You want us to trust you with the economy?You’ve taken a pretty solid surplus and flushed it down the toilet while slashing any and all women’s programs ,child care spaces and any help for social housing.Nice job.Tough on crime?Oh yes,I can see the difference every time I walk downtown.That and you intend to slash whatever help we try to give people in trouble because it’s far more politically savvy to just toss everyone in prison.You seemed to be able to find billions for our armed forces which will never be more than a damned good peace keeping force.No one is afraid of the Canadian armed forces no matter how many billions you spend.Then there’s marijuana.While the whole world is beginning to realise what a stupid thing marijuana prohibition has been,you toughen up the laws.Just keep pushing your religion down everyones throat.You could try to muzzle your backbenchers a little more.Every time one opens their racist mouth it’s back to damage control.It’s small wonder you won’t let anyone else say a word,especially at election time.Gotta keep those reform party white boys quiet.I thought the Liberals were disgusting with the graft and all but at least they had an economy they could pick from.You give it all to the military and then send them to a hell hole to be picked apart by a band of farmers.Young people are always willing to lay down their lives for their country.They trust their leaders won’t sell their lives as cheaply as you’ve sold ours.

The Brenda Martin dichotomy

There is little doubt that the Harper conservative government has just spent an inordinate amount of tax money achieving the release of this self loathing drunk from a Mexican prison.What I would like to ask them is why?While Marc Emery,a man that always paid his taxes and declared his income and job description,awaits extradition to the United States,a country whose prisons are probably as bad as Mexico’s.Our government intercedes in a case of a woman who was probably far more culpable than Emery ever was.Martin is an admitted drunk with what she claims are zero memories of her crimes.That her co-accused interjected his testimony into her proceedings is probably proof that she was involved in some way or he would have said nothing.This government has abandoned long standing tradition and ignored it’s responsibility to intercede in capital cases.Yet it involves itself,to the financial detriment of all Canadian taxpayers,in the case of a drama queen with friends with enough media savvy to make it appear that she has some support.I find it inconceivable that Canadians would consistently ignore the plight of non-violent drug offenders.Yet would spend money and influence in the case of an over dramatic,self involved drunk that lived like a queen off of the criminal proceeds of internet crime.All you out in the world’s prisons doing time for possession of drugs for personal use,threaten to kill yourself and whine to the Canadian consul at every opportunity.Find a friend with a computer and the knowledge of how to send multiple e-mails under different names and have at it.And to the Canadian news services,please,no more of this woman’s face crying tearlessley into your lens.A person can only take so much really bad acting.Mr. Harper.If Brenda Martin,a drunk that’s done nothing for her country but give the impression that we’re whining sniveling wretches,deserves your intercession,we expect you to send the DEA packing without Marc Emery.It would be nice if you told them to leave their guns at the border.We would like our sovereignty back.