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It’s supposed to be that way

People claim to be shocked at the recent death of a disabled and homeless native man in the emergency room of a Winnipeg hospital after sitting unattended for 34 hours.The current government not only fails to see the homeless,they actively do everything they can to disenfranchise and kill them off.They can always find billions to send to disaster areas anywhere in the world but refuse to do anything for the thousands here in Canada.The scrapping of the Kelowna accord was one of the first things this government did once in office.Harper’s disdain for first nations people is no secret.How often has he had to muzzle or apologize for one of his back benchers rants putting down our first nations people.It’s no secret that a large number of our countries homeless are from first nations .This government has cut social housing or at the very least done nothing about it.Their attitude towards anyone with social problems has been to ask for stiffer laws and more prison time for anything to do with the poor and homeless.That this bunch would allow circumstances to exist in which such a needless death could occur is no surprise.Their opposition to Insite is just one example of how their policies lean towards extinction rather than treatment,which is a word they love to pay lip service to and nothing else.Canada is becoming a country in which you have to be upper class or better to live a decent lifestyle.For the majority,it’s a matter of hanging on by their finger nails and taking their own fear out on those with less than themselves.Americans are learning what the true costs of living beyond your means are.Harper is telling Canadians that we have nothing to fear.That may be true for Mr.Harper and his friends but for the disadvantaged what we have is a cold floor and a lonely death on an emergency room floor with no one to talk to but the janitor.We already have been betrayed and have seen our health system sluffed off onto the provinces,most of which have had to turn to a two tiered system with the private sector having the best care and the rest of us are stuck with long waiting lists and often death as the result.The conservatives don’t have to wait for their health care and they don’t care about those of us that do.They feel that if you want health care that’s fast and of good quality,you should be able to pay for it.They pay for it with our money.Next time you pass a homeless man in a wheel chair,take a second to think about his life.We are all no better than the way we treat the least of our citisens.If this is what you feel is fair and equal health care,then vote for Mr.Harper.I can guarantee that as long as he is in charge in Ottawa,this is the best we’ll get.