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The Brenda Martin dichotomy

There is little doubt that the Harper conservative government has just spent an inordinate amount of tax money achieving the release of this self loathing drunk from a Mexican prison.What I would like to ask them is why?While Marc Emery,a man that always paid his taxes and declared his income and job description,awaits extradition to the United States,a country whose prisons are probably as bad as Mexico’s.Our government intercedes in a case of a woman who was probably far more culpable than Emery ever was.Martin is an admitted drunk with what she claims are zero memories of her crimes.That her co-accused interjected his testimony into her proceedings is probably proof that she was involved in some way or he would have said nothing.This government has abandoned long standing tradition and ignored it’s responsibility to intercede in capital cases.Yet it involves itself,to the financial detriment of all Canadian taxpayers,in the case of a drama queen with friends with enough media savvy to make it appear that she has some support.I find it inconceivable that Canadians would consistently ignore the plight of non-violent drug offenders.Yet would spend money and influence in the case of an over dramatic,self involved drunk that lived like a queen off of the criminal proceeds of internet crime.All you out in the world’s prisons doing time for possession of drugs for personal use,threaten to kill yourself and whine to the Canadian consul at every opportunity.Find a friend with a computer and the knowledge of how to send multiple e-mails under different names and have at it.And to the Canadian news services,please,no more of this woman’s face crying tearlessley into your lens.A person can only take so much really bad acting.Mr. Harper.If Brenda Martin,a drunk that’s done nothing for her country but give the impression that we’re whining sniveling wretches,deserves your intercession,we expect you to send the DEA packing without Marc Emery.It would be nice if you told them to leave their guns at the border.We would like our sovereignty back.