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Thugs on and off the ice

The night began with Don Cherry chiding the Canucks as cowards who wouldn’t fight over a warmup shot by Tim Thomas who was a smug asshole throughout.The play on the ice was full of the usual hacking slashing tripping tackling throwing down of the Sedins every time they stepped on the ice.Then after this slugfest ended and the biggest thugs in the league took the cup and left the few thugs who consider themselves bomb throwers took over and trashed our city for their own            amusement.Make no mistake,the police chief called these goons criminals.I have been a criminal and these guys were punks,not criminals.Crime has a purpose.It may be a sick and depraved purpose but it has a purpose.What we saw last night was a few good men beat down by a mob of drunken louts with nothing but destruction in their hearts.To the few who tried to stop the stupidity before it could start,thank you.To the rest of you,go to the US.They love thug behaviour down there.You can even carry a concealed weapon.Don’t look back.Theres a real war in Mexico.Beheadings,executions,show us what you’re really made of.See ya!To Stephen Harper.This is what kind of society you get when you spread fear and dissension like fertilizer.Your negativity was in the air as it is where ever you go.You can’t fight a dirty election,act like a demagogue and then try to be Joe 6 pack at a hockey game.Your cynical attempt at gleaning some benefit from a Canadian hockey team was transparent and a curse on every Canadian hockey team as long as you stay in politics.Go home and please don’t ever come back to our arena.We never said you could use government security and transport for you and your families amusement.You disgust me more than the thugs.