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How a Harper majority would spell the end of our country

Canada has long been a very different country from the United States and we have always been grateful for that.That was before the election of a minority Conservative government and the total destruction of the Liberal party,the one time bulwark of middle of the road politics and the holding together of the country.Now we have Harper,with his separation politics,not separatist but separate,divide and conquer.Put every part of Canadian culture against the other.The politics of hatred as practiced by our friends to the south.No coincidence as Harper brought his political mind trust from the United States and has often said he wishes we could be a part of the United States.While he attacks Michael Ignatieff for having the nerve to travel and learn about the world and our chief competitor.Harper,who never left Canada before becoming PM,felt that he could deal with the world he knew nothing about that he hadn’t gleaned from the pages of a book,has us mired in an unwinnable war in Afghanistan that his government has lied about and been caught lying about.Unfortunately,Harper has been caught lying about so many things no one seems to notice any more.If Stephen Harper is ever given a majority in this country it will soon become unrecognisable from our neighbors from the south.It will be the end of our health care system as we know it,in spite of the very weak rebuttal form John Baird,the man who defended Harpers climate policies for years and who was the most hated man at more than one climate conference.Why are we ordering the f 34 attack stealth bomber,an offensive weapon?Who is Harper planning to attack?It must be someone because even Obama has no idea what the cost of the f 34 is going to be.If we are to be spending unlimited ammounts of cash on an attack bomber Harper must have someone in mind he wants to drop bombs on in an offensive war.After all,that’s the reason the f 34 exists.He has forced the people that have come in on the ships into the west coast to py off their smugglers and yet howls that it’s Ignatieff who’s weak on border security.No one is allowed to be weak on border security and the concessions that Harper has Made to the Americans are beyond anything that’s necessary for the security of anyone.Forcing us to concede flights within Canada to submit lists of 22 questions on people on board a Canadian flight.People with a criminal record are being forced to get permission to fly in their own country.This is the kind of thing that Harper finds alright because there are people he considers to be citisens and then there’s the rest of us.You won’t know where you stand till you try to fly somewhere.Terrible environmental policy,concessions to the USA that make no sense and that can in no way threaten them,stripping away of financing for political parties that will hurt every party except Harpers conservatives,Speeding up of oil sands development at a time when the knowledge to get this oil is in it’s infancy and when most of the oil produced has to go to the United States and when increases cannot be cut back,ever thanks to the NAFTA signed by the last conservative government.The only government in Canadian history ever to be sanctioned for lying to parliament.This is the conservatives who are running another dirty campaign filled with lies and innuendo.Before you vote for a conservative candidate,find out where they are coming from and what they believe.Look up the neocons and Leo Strauss and ask yourself if this is the kind of dirty tricks,lies,misinformation and framing that you want in your government.You will not have to read very far to see every dirty move that Harper has used to win two minority governments.I just find it shocking that Canadians seem willing to overlook the total lack of values and morals that these supposed evangelicals use to get their way.Please,look into these people.They are racists,they are haters and they have no moral fibre.