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http://yfrog.com/page/addthis?server=576&filename=r3lms.jpg&yfrog_url=http://yfrog.com/g0r3lmsj&is_photo=true&screen_name=rodmickleburgh.This woman dared to protest against Stephen Harper.She was,luckily,off the bike at the time.Not just content to muzzle climate scientists and environmentalists,use closure on all debate and legislate an end to all strikes since gaining his majority.Harper will not contenance any protest of any kind in his presence.He has changed the letterhead on government documents from the Canadian to the Harper government and has returned the Royal designation to our armed forces.The man is a megalomaniac and a racist as are many of his cabinet.He is an evangelical christian and a zionist.His utter disdain for political protocol verges on the dictatorial.He managed to go from a minority to a majority government with a .001% increase in the popular vote.He has been changing the rules with reckless abandon ever since.He can probably now hold his majority without gaining a single vote.He represents 39% of 55% of eligible voters.About 21% of Canadian voters.He stands alone in opposing any harm reduction measures,let alone drug reform.His opposition to cannabis legalization flies in the face of both the evidence and the general public.There is something fundamentally wrong with our system when such a small minority of public opinion can rule like a dictator with nothing that can oppose him.The gap between rich and poor will widen to new and terrible heights under this government.The environment will be degraded and the grip of corporations is guaranteed to be solidified.Like the Mulroney years before,Harper will leave a legacy of wanton corruption that will take decades to repair.