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Ottawa sued over ‘failure’ to provide needle-exchange programs in prisons | CTV News

Ottawa sued over ‘failure’ to provide needle-exchange programs in prisons | CTV News.You just have to give it to the Harper conservatives when it comes to wasting tax dollars on court cases to try and shore up their ideological drug policy.Evidence be damned,this group of evangelical zealots has consistently spent millions in tax dollars to fight common sense policies that are aimed at saving not only lives but health as well.The cost of infection by AIDS or HEPC and the other blood borne diseases should be plenty enough to allow even this hard line group to see the cost effective light.Not so.Vic Toews proudly cites his zero tolerance policy that is both foolish and unobtainable.I have spent many(12)years in prisons and have always had access to drugs.It kept me sane.It’s what all addicts and most inmates work toward every day in prison.The only way to stop drugs in prison is to dry up the country.That will never happen.Neither will drug free prisons.It makes for a very dishonest and much repeated sound bite.Nothing more.It will cost taxpayers a fortune and will end as it has to,with health taking precedent over ideology.It’s long overdue and I wish them all the best as I know how many lives this can save.Just say no was never a policy.It was a sound bite and a fraud.It always will be.