It’s not the same story,but it is.

I was reading my newspaper today and in the back pages was a story about the police finding 5500 marijuana plants.I was pretty annoyed as the same story had appeared so many times and then I read the details.I can only assume the number is just one that seems familiar but that the story is totally different on each occasion.So,what we have is a whole lot of stories about a whole lot of people growing marijuana in large quantities.I can only guess that these people are not growing a life time supply for themselves.That means there is a huge industry out there of people growing marijuana.I must therefore also assume that someone is purchasing this pot and that they are,in turn,finding a market for their product that provides them with enough of a profit to make it worth their while.We’ve been told for years that it’s a small group of criminals that defy the law and cause us all this annoying drug problem that is costing us billions every year to keep to the level that it sits at.I have to think we’ve been deceived.For all these arrests to be taking place there has to be a whole lot more of this going on than we’re being told.This is more than a few bad apples spoiling the barrel.It’s time we admitted that the majority of people in current society like to smoke pot.It’s just a fact.Time to move on and let the police move on to solving crimes that are actual crimes,with victims and bad people doing bad things.The days when it seemed to make sense to try to stop the use of drugs are long in the past.If this is a true democracy.the majority should have their way.There seems to be absolutely no evidence that marijuana does any harm or that there is any reason to prosecute people for it’s use.


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