When 53% is a minority

Makes no sense.You would be forgiven for thinking that because it doesn’t.Except in a country where 33% of the people are supporting a government that operates without opposition due to a cowardly and absent Liberal party.For as many years as I can remember there’s been a consensus that marijuana should be decriminalized if not outright legalized.As far back as the 70’s there have been efforts to make this happen but every time it get’s close the conservative party has managed to throw a wrench in the works.How this small group of right wing idealogues has managed to hijack the agenda for the last 40 years is as old as history.They divide and conquer as well as anyone in the business.That they have the right wing to themselves while the left leaning parties have to fight for their share of what is the true majority is how the right has managed to grasp power in spite of having a limited base that is for the most part in variance with what most Canadians feel is the right way to go.It has worked federally and it works in B.C. where there is a small but wealthy group of right leaning capitalists that support the so called Liberal party.With recent polls showing a majority of Canadians are in favor of legal marijuana,the Conservative government of Stephen Harper is following an agenda that is not only the polar opposite of what the polls report we want,it proposes increased penalties and mandatory minimum sentences.You would think a person with the responsibility of running the country would do due dilligence.Harper hangs on every word from GWBush’s mouth but he obviously hasn’t followed the news to the south where mandatory minimum sentences have 2 million Americans in prisons and there is an industry that lobby’s for harsher sentences and even more prison construction.

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