stuff that makes you say,What?

The head of the bank of Canada says the recession is over.I guess the depression begins

Ctv ran a story that they said just might incite another child rape.Their next broadcast included the story about a new rape by the same molester.

How many more revelations will we hear about what the Campbell government kept hidden till after the election?Is anyone actually surprised by any of them?

Is anyone else confused by the stance taken by certain high profile environmentalists in the last election?I guess the carbon tax was worth the loss of our rivers and the hydro prices that are soon to grace our bills.Just keep flying all over the world and we’ll take care of things here.

What happened to the concept of open and accessible government?It must have been deleted with those E mails.

If anyone’s counting,we just buried our 125th soldier from the Afghanistan war.To celebrate they sent us 165lbs of pure heroin.Too bad the police intercepted it.This is not a government our youth should be sacrificing themselves for.


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