Liberal corruption or the uncertainty of Carole James

My roots are Ndp to the core.My Gram was T.C.Douglas’ personal secretary in Coquitlam.I can still remember who it was  first cut welfare rates from something that was livable to Sro’s and at least 10 days of hunger.I believe this was also there reason for the founding of the food banks.I have no faith in any politician now and by reducing the possible candidate base by as much as 50%,Carole James scares me to death.She stands firm on issues that are her personal opinions but waffles badly on just about everything else.I hate the Liberals arrogance and obvious corruption.P4’s are the worst thing I’ve seen in 60 years.Just ask the folks in England.Remember that conservative politicians frame elections long before they start.How much has this government spent of your and my money to convince us this is the best place on Earth?We can be sure of one thing.If re elected the Liberals will continue to sell off our children’s birthright to corporations that worry about nothing but the bottom line.Our rivers will become the property of private firms that can restrict access and charge whatever they want and have no obligation to sell one volt in B.C.Look at the Alcan deal.They’re still trying to sell that as a plus when the company pulled out of the major refit and can now sell that power to whomever they choose.This will be remembered as the government that thought winning an election meant they owned the province and all it’s resources.Environmentalists one day and major oil producers the next,fighting to have the ban on oil shipping on our coast.Who do they work for?Themselves and each other from what’s been exposed till now.

it as soon as the ink was dry on the contract.They follow leo,their guru.His framing stragedy has proven devastating to the opposition.All lies and untruths but repeated often enough to be believed by all but the most astute reader.It comes out eventually(B.C.Rail)but by then it’s usually forgotten and the spin doctors have people believing the spin they put forward.


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