When yes means no

Where else but in BC politics can the word yes mean no?The government,a Liberal government that has changed it’s leader but none of it’s major brain trust,has lied to the people of the Province often and without conscience.They now expect that we will believe that a tax we were promised was;”not even on this governments radar”will be reduced over a three year period”.They know that the only chance they have,even after spending an unknown amount of tax dollars to convince us this tax is good for us.Is to blindside the no HST crowd with a question that will confuse a % of voters.While the recall has been a cry of NO HST,the answer to the question,if you want NO HST is YES.The NDP braintrust approved the question,which is another problem for another day.Hopefully,the recent appointment of a LEADER to the party may stop some of the endless faux pas that plagued the party under it’s last leader.It is doubtless that there will be some of the 18% of undecided voters that will just grab the letter when it comes,check off no and send it off thinking that is a vote against the hated HST.It is NOT.To rid us of this unnecessary burden on our already overtaxed populace,you must vote YES to GETTING RID OF THE HST.Don’t let this cynical bunch of political hacks who have made it a habit to promise the moon and deliver mouldy cheese have their little deceptions pay dividends.It is only 50/50 that we will have a legitimate election here with no fake ballots and no short counts.This is the government that sold out the rights to our rivers FOR ALL TIME to their big business buddies.That passed a carbon tax and came up with the gateway project to destroy any possible gains.That screwed up the school system(yes Chrissy Clarke,you did that yourself)so that there is a total adversary relationship with the school boards and the teachers union.That turned hospital workers into indentured servants,illegally as it turns out.Anyone that thinks this government can be trusted on anything is in denial.Please,when you get your forms in the mail,take the TIME to READ them.Vote “YES” to RID us of the hated and terrible HST.The government is good at one thing and that is using deception to have their way.Don’t let them fool you this time.


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