New drug laws worth considering | British Columbia | News | Vancouver 24 hrs

New drug laws worth considering | British Columbia | News | Vancouver 24 hrs.Worth considering?I’m in serious chronic pain and am treated like a hard core heroin addict.I was just called in a day after seeing my doctor for urinalysis that they could have asked for on the day.But what’s the fun in that?The adversary relationship that exists between a methadone clinic and it’s patients is appalling.I am never believed and never asked.Then,why ask if you don’t believe anyway?I lost 12 years of my youth to federal and Provincialprisons for drugs.It did me no good and now that I am in pain I cannot get anything even resembling proper medical treatment.What I get are lectures,methadone,which I was on before I lost my spine,and constant,untreated pain.The few times I was able to get proper medication the methadone clinic intervened to have it cancelled.Not for any sound medical reason but for pure ideology.I have zero respect for doctors who allow the system to dictate treatment.So far that’s been all of them.


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