Inquiry report into Robert Pickton case to be made public Dec. 17 | CTV News

Inquiry report into Robert Pickton case to be made public Dec. 17 | CTV News.This will show that there is no value placed on the lives of addicts or hookers on the DTES.It will claim that lessons were learned and things are much better now.This will be pure politics.There is probably at least one serial killer working the DTES right now and people are still going missing.The addicts are still treated like trash and now that we have the area cordoned off as a drug zone the lives are worse than ever.You can’t make addiction a crime and make drugs illegal and yet allow the kind of non life being lived on the DTES right now.It just makes these people easy targets for the worst kind of predation.Heroin and crack are bad but methadone is not only alright,it’s great?Be addicted for life but on a drug no one wants and no one likes?The message is clear for all to see.It’s alright to be a drug addict as long as you do the drug we say is OK.The drug you want us to do.The drug we like is bad because?It makes no sense to me and I am in serious chronic pain and still only allowed to access methadone,in spite of recommendations from various neurosurgeons and my own input as to what works for me.No one cares.So people will die turning tricks for a fix and addicts will continue to go through the revolving door of prison,addiction and more prison.Or methadone for life,even though they hate it and get no pleasure from it’s use.This might have made some sense to someone at some time.It makes no sense now.I doubt it ever did.As long as we leave people in a semi legal limbo where they are easy targets,nothing is going to change.Someone is making a bundle of money on human misery.Right now a big profiteer is the BC college of Physicians and surgeons with their monopoly on methadone.


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