Canadian feds propose new medical marijuana laws | Local | News | Vancouver 24 hrs

Canadian feds propose new medical marijuana laws | Local | News | Vancouver 24 hrs.

OK>We all knew this was coming.Harper has taken what was a very coherent harm reduction strategy and done everything our tax dollars would allow to sabotage many aspects of Vancouver’s four pillar drug strategy.Now he’s “tinkering”with cannabis.The Liberals finally gave us a workable medical marijuana system that has been fine tuned over the years.Now Harper is going to hand it over to his friends in the private sector.Medical marijuana is not the same as recreational cannabis.You have to have some serious problem to get an exemption here in Canada.You have to be really ill.This usually means that even if you once had a very good,well paying job.You are probably no longer able to work.That,or you have a job where the smoking of cannabis is allowed.As no one has stepped out and gone to court over this.The only thing left is to form co ops and get several right to grow people together to form the kind of “business”Harper plans to turn the job over to.It strikes me as being so wrong that the people who have fought the battles,over and over,will be replaced by the very people they had to fight against.Now we will once again have to come together and form alliances that will put us in the category of providers as well as personal growers.It’s not what I would have chosen and I think it’s wrong and that it breaks an agreement that has stood for many years.Harper is anti drug,anti cannabis and anti people.He will do his very best to make this as difficult as he can.


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