CMA ‘deeply concerned’ about tighter rules for safe injection sites | CTV News

CMA ‘deeply concerned’ about tighter rules for safe injection sites | CTV News.This is the Harper neocons trying to do a reach around of the courts after spending millions and millions of our tax dollars in front of the courts trying to shut down insite.Their never ending saga(seemingly)began with one court action and spun out into a myriad of attempts to shutter the doors at the Vancouver location.The Dr.Peter centre,founded by a doctor who’s very public battle with the aids virus eventually killed him,opened the first location after watching what eventually became in site’s struggles with the constant harassment by the federal government.Fearing that the centre would never get the needed paperwork and exemptions from federal drug laws necessary.The Dr.Peter people opened the first safe injection site to little fanfare.The real show was taking place in the courts and in the media.The federal government rejected every attempt at reconciliation.Mired in neck deep ideology with absolutely no scientific evidence to back their position they went to court again and again.When the supreme court finally said enough!,it’s over,you lose.The Harpercons went to ground and brought together every failed and flawed expert that they could summon on short notice and came up with this bill.Like every drug bill that the conservative government spews forth it has no basis in anything that even resembles Canadian law or scientific research.It is a shopping list of proposals that they hope will make any future attempts at opening any more such sites a near impossibility.It’s a typically mean spirited attempt to appeal to the worst in human nature.It includes nimbyism and just about every fear tactic in the book.It’s pure Stephen Harper and you can bet it was drafted right in the PMO.It’s harper’s way of saying:”you might have won that round but this is far from over”.Like a small child who’s aims have been thwarted,the prime minister is showing just how small and petty he really is.Remember who all this money and time is being spent on trying to defeat.The lowest of the low.The one segment of society that it is still OK to make fun of and put down in public with no fear of retribution.In my humble opinion,the safe injection site is just a stop gap measure.What is needed is a heroin maintenance program for that segment of the addict population who will use heroin no matter how much time they are imprisoned or how low they go.These are people that are so broken that no one can put them back together.They get labels like chronic offender or career criminal when all they are is a drug addict that has less fear of prison than of being without.They are hounded and hated and spend far too much time incarcerated.We have done the tough love thing.We have done the jail and jail again thing.We have tried the forced treatment thing.We are stuck in a prohibition that is every bit as destructive and insane as the one on alcohol.The drunks have their liquor.The addicts just want their drug of choice.Because of cannabis,we have seen a huge movement towards an end to prohibition of that drug.In Europe,they realized that it was far more important to mitigate heroin addiction first.If cannabis does become legal,the drug cartels are not going to go away.They will shift their focus to heroin,meth and crack cocaine along with whatever else remains illegal.If we really want to stop the death spiral,we have to end all drug prohibition.There will be a lot to figure out.Whatever happens,it will be far less harmful than this prohibition and the mentality that has been grown along with it.


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