UNODC chief says Afghan opium trade continues to grow – News – Stripes

UNODC chief says Afghan opium trade continues to grow – News – Stripes.

Last week,in the city of Vancouver,BC,Canada.I was able to buy .08 of a gram of pure afghan heroin for the sum of 20 dollars.Even though I am on 200+mgms of methadone,i was able to feel the potency of the drug.I t was the first time in over five years that I was both pain free and felt good.I have been depressed and unhappy ever since.I have been told that my kidneys are almost done.Noone will concede that methadone is bad for the kidneys and the liver.In fact they will admit nothing of the sort.I am being prescribed 210mgms daily.The international safe level for methadone is set at 120 mgms daily.Everyone I have known that was on high doses of the drug didn’t last very long.While heroin is known to be benign to all the internal organs,it’s chemical replacements are not.Methadone destroys liver tissue.I am sure it also destroys kidneys.I am quite sure that if I do not get off of the methadone very soon it is going to kill me.All methadone doctors in BC have to take an indoctrination course in which they are told some” truths”.This creates an adversarial relationship right from jump street.I have seen these doctors give conflicting information to different patients on the same day.Depends on what kind of manipulation they are using.They give out information such as that you can participate in 12 step programs while on methadone.This is an outright lie.They tell you that once your dosage is set that you are normal and can do anything a normal person can do.While I have worked at casual labour jobs while on methadone I wouldn’t want my physician on methadone before he opens me up.It’s obvious that there is going to be good quality heroin around for some time.We have a heroin program in Vancouver right now.I have been on methadone a dozen times or more and failed every time.Now I am in chronic pain and am being told to take methadone,which was never a pain medication and should never have been used as one.It’s all wrong and does very little to manage real pain.specially if you have a long history with the drug.Now it’s killing me and I know i will receive no help from anyone that I’ve met to this point in the BC health care system.If there is anyone in the blogsphere who knows any other province that has a more enlightened approach I would appreciate the knowledge.I know that even though BC has the only heroin program in NA it is also the most draconian place to try to get proper pain management if you have any drug history.While one part of the medical system knows that heroin is an alternative.A very dug in group has the methadone system in their grip and once they have you they never let you go.Even if it’s the worst possible thing for you.


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