Methadose,the new(2014)big pharma substitute that is causing major upheaval in the addict community

I have been on methadone in one form or another ever since 1970.I first joined at the clinic on Broadway and Cyprus and was put on 120 mgms a day,daily pickup.It was all I could do to make it to the street before I would vomit up a large part of it.Probably saved my life.I never got on well on methadone.I hate the way the drug makes me feel and I can’t stand the taste.I have never lasted at the same clinic for more than a few years.Now we move forward to 2013 and I am now on methadone for pain,after the colusion between my pain doctor and my methadone doctor and the college.I had been on opiates but was never allowed to leave the methadone program and I now realise that I should have walked out at 70 mgms,the level I was told I would not be taken down from “for awhile”.I had been informed about this new form of the drug called methadose,which was supposed to be methadone hydrochloride at 10 mgms permil.I was conned into trying it.Said I hated it and it caused me severe headaches.I was then told that I was to be given a clear form of the drug that was injectible.I soon found it was not only non injectable,it was cut with what I can only assume was naloxone,as injection caused no feeling at all.It also is cut with an inflamatory agent that also destroys the vein into which it is injected.So much for do no harm.These things were added and not even the doctors were told.I assume.The pain caused was considerable and I lost the only vein I had into which I could both inject drugs and withdraw blood samples.So we have a drug being used for treating not only addiction but chronic pain.That drug contains at least two medical ingredients which the makers refuse to name or to even acknowledge?Is it legal to supply a substance and keep from the providers what is actually in it?As an addict,I have been badly treated by the BC medical system to the point that my health is seriously compromised.I have border line kidney function and haven’t been able to have blood drawn for 18 months.I have jumped through many hoops to try to fix this and have had every request denied.Methadose,with the antagonist that is certainly in there,is a far reduced drug from it’s former counterpart.What damage the other ingredients cause is unknown and impossible,under our current system,to define.It causes side effects in over 50% of users and it causes me headaches and I have seizures about once a month.I have never experienced these before.My doctor is aware of this but his efforts to do anything about it have been blocked?I contend that methadose is a bad drug.I believe it was rushed onto the market in an attempt to grab a monopoly on this drug.It is evidently available world wide?I believe this drug is compromising my health.I write this so that if any harm comes to me in the near future that I want an autopsy done to see exactly what this drug has done.Having chronic pain isn’t fun.Having it and not being allowed to choose the drug best suited for your purposes is a crime against humanity.I think methadose is being compromised by the inclusion of an antagonist with the idea that it wouldn’t be effective unless injected?This is just plain stupid and anyone who understands drugs will confirm this.As for whatever they added to swell us up and cause a rash and pain and inflamation I don’t know but it’s in there as well.


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