How stupid are we?

The spring session is over and although the Campbell government have shown themselves to be secretive,corrupt,arrogant and rife with patronage the B.C. voter still seems to be standing firm with their heads planted firmly in the sand.Likely,this is due to the uninspiring and often misguided NDP leader,Carole James.Her policy screw ups and her demand for lock step obedience are as undemocratic as the Liberals Back room dealings and secret policy signings.I have no idea what James stands for at this point other than that she wants more women to hang with.Decreeing that a party must give preferential treatment to any one segment of society is so transverse to everything this country is supposed to stand for that I can’t imagine that she’ll make friends of many voters with this policy.Her waffling on the back room pay hike only to pull off the same thing later on was another chance to separate the NDP from the Liberals that she let fly right on by.Greed and self interest seems to be a trait shared by all politicians.They wax eloquent on how important it is for everyone else to tighten their belts but are always the first to grab the money and run.Not only did they raise their pay by an unconscionable margin but they passed a gold plated pension as well.Small wonder that politicians rank at the bottom of the public approval ratings.The Liberals rammed through without any real debate their unpopular carbon tax,the gag law and a number of other legislation that should have been set aside and properly debated in the fall.How the people of this province can even consider electing this bunch of arrogant and self serving oligarchs for another term eludes me.They have broken every major promise they made to get elected.Their philosophy of selling off the province to private business concerns will come back to haunt future generations.Of course the government and their families will be so well off from the back room dealings that they have been doing that they won’t care about the hardships the rest of us and our prodigy are forced to endure.The Liberals always blame the NDP of the 90’s for everything that is wrong with this province.It’s about time people began looking at things like the Olympic give aways that this government has made behind closed doors.The sale of our power grid and the ferries will cost our children for years to come.If this government is allowed to have another four years to plunder this province the damage may be beyond repair.Take a look at the legislation that was rammed through in the last day of the sitting and you will agree that what was done is tantamount to dictatorship.Government by decree.How is this government leading in the polls?They must find B.C. politics like herding sheep.Just remember that sheep eventually are led to the slaughter.


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