Harper shows us what’s important to him

The CTV network managed to lose the oppositions tape but somehow managed to find not only a tape but time to play it for Mr.Harper.Harper spent his time doing what he does best.Being divisive and trying to widen already existing splits in the country.He seized on the separatist issue almost exclusively which was no surprise because he already showed his total lack of any stimulus plan or any ability to work with the opposition parties.He,in fact,tried to remove their funding and destroy their ability to perform.By harping on the separatist issue Harper once again showed a total lack of any understanding of how to get people to work together.He completely misses the fact that he represents 38% of 52% of the population.He tried to use that tiny minority as if he had a full mandate and the power to run roughshod over parliament.The fact is the opposition coallition represents almost double the population that Harper managed to fool at the polls.I,for one,am anxious to see if the opposition/government coallition can last and put the country back on a path of humane and people driven policy.Perhaps we can actually become a leader in environmental policy and get back to a science based approach to government policy.Maybe there can be a re enstatement of the Kelowna accord and begin treating our native peoples with some dignity.Harper has been a disaster for all but the very top rung of our society.He places his own moralistic view ahead of reason and research and in fact has muzzled government scientists on everything from the climate to Insite.Now with the economy in need of some real stimulus he wants to porogue parliament and delay further any action on that very critical front.This proves that when it comes to all this concern for the country,Harper is just blowing smoke in an attempt to hold onto what really matters to him.Beating the other guy.Harper has bullied his way out of office by doing the impossible.Harper has united the progressive elements of government by being the stubborn bully he just can’t help being.Goodbye Mr.Harper.It’s been a nightmare watching you destroy our country.Get together with your friend Brian Mulroney.He’ll show you how to con the country out of millions.He has the experience.


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