Ottawa sued over ‘failure’ to provide needle-exchange programs in prisons | CTV News

Ottawa sued over ‘failure’ to provide needle-exchange programs in prisons | CTV News.You just have to give it to the Harper conservatives when it comes to wasting tax dollars on court cases to try and shore up their ideological drug policy.Evidence be damned,this group of evangelical zealots has consistently spent millions in tax dollars to fight common sense policies that are aimed at saving not only lives but health as well.The cost of infection by AIDS or HEPC and the other blood borne diseases should be plenty enough to allow even this hard line group to see the cost effective light.Not so.Vic Toews proudly cites his zero tolerance policy that is both foolish and unobtainable.I have spent many(12)years in prisons and have always had access to drugs.It kept me sane.It’s what all addicts and most inmates work toward every day in prison.The only way to stop drugs in prison is to dry up the country.That will never happen.Neither will drug free prisons.It makes for a very dishonest and much repeated sound bite.Nothing more.It will cost taxpayers a fortune and will end as it has to,with health taking precedent over ideology.It’s long overdue and I wish them all the best as I know how many lives this can save.Just say no was never a policy.It was a sound bite and a fraud.It always will be.


Changes to medical pot program could double costs, users say- Politics –

Changes to medical pot program could double costs, users say- Politics – came out last fall when Harper was threatening to give growing rights over to the private sector.When I got my licence I was taking an unhurried approach as I thought I had years.I was never intending to grow more than I need.At even the current prices at the compassion clinics I cannot afford the cannabis I need.I have serious back problems and so far have not found anything that works other than opiates.If this federally instituted monopoly is introduced it will go even more against our charter rights than forcing patients to buy from the feds.What’s the difference between forcing us to buy from someone that they pick and them?Not much.If a name is needed to go forward with a suit,I’m more than willing.

BC drug Czar Kendall says it’s time to talk about legalization

It’s been a long tome in coming but the man charged with setting drug policy for the Province of BC has finally come out and asked for dialogue on the outright and total legalization of drugs in the Province.While the feds and the core group of prohibitionists in the US of A will complain that this will spell the end of our civilization.It is been quite clear from programs in countries like Portugal,which they always claim would never work here.That making drugs a health issue and not a criminal one have led to far less harm and far less drug use.Especially amongst the age group wherein we have our worst problems,the very young.Kids in early secondary school in Portugal now see drugs as a serious problem and as the health issue it really is.This is exactly what the anti prohibition forces have claimed for years and is the one thing their opponent always sight as being the main reason that prohibition is so necessary.If this premise is so very misguided,then why isn’t the whole idea of prohibition a thing of the past?The police,prison guards,lawyers,prosecutors,the courts,prohibition,parole,the list is endless.There is also,I’m sorry to say,an element in the drug community that prefers that the law stays as it is for obvious reasons.The problem,as I see it,is to make the results of the change in Portugal,common knowledge and to cut through the total misinformation that has propped the prohibition of drugs up for over 100 years now.People seem to be under the impression that drug laws are ancient and that they were put into place for reasons other than what the reality shows.With the possible exception of the more recent drug laws,brought about during the height of the paranoia and the hyperbole,drug laws wee brought into being for racist and corporate reasons.The original drug laws came about in Victorian times at the same time as the blue laws and alcohol prohibition came about at the tail end of all this.It didn’t last because the users were white and very wealthy,as well as the rest of us,who have never had any influence.Drugs were in common use for millennia and were never seen as a problem,as they were necessary to keep the troops happy.War has always been a big motivator in this world and during war,drug laws are always forgotten.Any study of ancient troop movements will reveal rampant drug use amongst not only the ordinary line soldiers but also amongst the elite.Alcohol was a favourite,as was opium,hashish,cannabis,mushrooms and whatever the local intoxicant was in the area being contested.This constant warring was the way drugs were brought from the far ends of the earth.They are an excellent way to relax and if the cost isn’t altered out of all proportion by their being made illegal,a fairly cheap way to blow off steam.If drugs are widely available,people are aware of their pluses and minuses and the number of addicts is kept to that ½% of people who will become addicted to a drug or alcohol no matter what.The tremendous cost that has been incurred to have that number remain constant is appalling.The horrendous cost in lives and prisons and ruined lives from being in prison far outweighs any possible benefit that could come from lessening the number of addicts.Something that has never been accomplished and never will.We have wasted at least two generations and countless billions on a wasted and counter productive drug war.It has increased both availability and rates of addiction.Costs have steadily decreased with the exception of cannabis,which everyone does and no one cares about but the hard core prohibitionists.Unfortunately,they are the politicians and the super rich.They seem to get what they want.They and the lobby for prisons,cops,the legal system and all others who profit from the cash and the thrill of high level drug trafficking.The rest of us just pay.

Why is heroin b…

Why is heroin better than sex?Have you ever had the experience of flying?When you were very young?It comes to a time when you just can’t get off the ground anymore.No more feeling of safety and security,warmth and freedom.I had this thing where some unknown enemy in the city below shot me in the stomach with a long spring and down I went.Any way,Maybe you never experienced this.I also relived my birth a few times.That was a total nightmare.My dad’s mom seemed to know what it was.Either that,or she knew what a fucked up life I had.I was just a little guy.So why do I bring this up?Heroin.That brings back that floating safe warm secure feeling you had in the womb.This is a personal opinion from a guy with a 43 year never ending love affair with opiate drugs.I have known people who shoot heroin and move on to meth and say it’s better.Bullsjit.It’s cheaper,that’s it.I was a heroin/cocaine addict for 12 years,till I got busted for the umpteenth time and just didn’t want the jail experience again.I was doing the coke because the heroin was shit.It’s so bad now that people downtown are using morphine,which is a very poor second or Dilaudid which is heroin lite.If I wasn’t banned from travel down south I would be running to Seattle for tar.Too old for that shit.If you were a flyer when you were young,do not do opiate drugs.If you do.You will be stuck in the wheel.If not,you can probably get away with three on three off.This has been a commercial for opiates united.It’s better than sex.No shit.

Metro – Heroin beats methadone in treatment, study finds

Metro – Heroin beats methadone in treatment, study finds.This is the long awaited NAOMI study that the Harper Tories don’t want you to know about.It is backed up by data from the many heroin maintenance programs available in Europe and the data collected in England in the mid sixties.The Federal Liberals did a study of Dilaudid in the mid sixties and even this poor cousin of heroin was successful in changing the lives,for the better,of a dozen hand picked hard core addicts who were chosen for the high likelihood that they would fail.None did.All kept steady employment and were crime free.In the end they were given an apology and were told that the results were to be buried and that the study was over.This is how the government deals with addicts.This is why the only things the public ever hears are the horror stories.They don’t want it to get out that this drug can be used without any detrimental health effects and that if given access to their drug of choice.Most addicts can lead a fairly normal life.